Another Deadly Hate Crime: The Assassination Of Ahmaud Arbery

Another Deadly Hate Crime:  The Assassination Of Ahmaud Arbery

The overt hatred and systemic racism that has been stoked by Donald Trump are along the same lines of what America saw right after reconstruction. The minimal gains that Black people have made somehow threatened the white “status quo” and they reverted to doing what they always do; kill Black and Brown people under the guise of justice.

The action always comes with some weak-ass rationale they trot out, in the same manner, they rationalized the Emmett Till murder by saying he whistled at a white woman. Same playbook with Dick Rowland who supposedly attacked Sarah Page in an elevator in Tulsa, OK that lead to the greatest terroristic act in the history of the United States; the destruction of Black Wall Street.

Ahmaud Arbery supposedly fit the description of someone who was recorded walking into a house that was under construction – so father and son vigilante team, Gregory and Travis McMichael decided to take the law into their own hands and deal a death sentence to an innocent Black man who was jogging in the same neighborhood as the house.

Ironically, subsequent video recorded multiple white individuals walking into the same home that was under construction with no recourse. What was Ahmaud Aubery’s crime?

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Black men are looked at as prey from a certain sector of white society. The pro-Trump idiots who can’t even spell the word “constitution” are now freedom fighters trying to protect everything they stole from others, ie. “Make America Great Again.” The hundreds of years of brainwashing have created a narrative that all Black men are dangerous. It’s so ironic because no other race has killed, stolen, enslaved, and annihilated more people on the face of the earth than the same God-loving, freedom fighting, righteous white people.

They will never know what Black men go through on a daily basis. This is not to say that Black women don’t have their issues either – I’m just speaking from my personal experiences as a Black man.

I was explaining a situation to my daughters a few weeks ago that highlights the thought process of a Black man in America. Several months ago, my wife and I were out to dinner and I had to use the restroom. The restroom was downstairs, down a long, dimly lit empty hallway. As I turned the corner to go down the steps, I spotted an older white woman in her late 60’s that was approximately fifteen to twenty feet in front of me. I immediately recognized the warning signs; an old white lady by herself in a long dimly lit hallway with a Black man following behind her. My immediate reaction was to slow down, not get too close, and let her get to the bathroom without feeling threatened. All I could think about is this lady yelling “help” assuming I was going to attack her and me fighting off the police or some zealous Trump supporters who want to put the Black man back in his place.

A Level Playing Field

You have to understand the real reason that many ignorant white people feel that way, it’s called fear and ignorance. These people are Donal Trump’s base. It continues to amaze me that some white people actually think they are entitled to everything, and nobody else should have anything. And let’s get this straight, we aren’t asking for and don’t want any handouts, we just want a level playing field. But I have a little secret for you; they know that if the playing field is truly level, that they will lose. The system may give you the illusion that its’ goal is freedom, justice, and equality for all, but there’s nothing more further than the truth.

When we were slaves, we were assets to white folks, as free people, they see us as a liability; a competitor for jobs, wealth, political offices, and don’t forget – his women. That’s another story that I don’t have the time to get into.

Ahmaud Arbery didn’t get the opportunity to defend himself in the court of law. Ahmaud Arbery didn’t even get a chance to defend himself physically because he was hunted by a racist lynch mob with a blood lust that had to be quenched with the death of another young Brother. And let’s talk about the cowardice of Gregory and Travis McMichael: it’s real easy to become a tough guy when you are armed and your target is unarmed. I would love to see what would’ve happened if Ahmaud Arbery was armed and ready to defend himself. Then the narrative would have been that he was a Black man on a mission to hurt some poor innocent white men that happened to be following him because they thought he was lost.

If this type of behavior continues, I truly believe that there will be major skirmished between the races. The preponderance of daily evidence that we see on social media has shown a light onto racist practices and actions that were usually done in the dark. Everybody has a breaking point, and if more people, especially white people, don’t stand up for justice and equality we are going to be in much worse shape than we are now.

An innocent young man is dead, and people are sick and tired and frustrated that these acts of violence against Black and Brown people are so commonplace and almost accepted as normal behavior by a certain faction of the public. We demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery’s family and if we don’t get it, there will be serious repercussions.


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