Little boy’s reaction to getting a Black Panther prosthetic leg is pure #blackboyjoy

A little boy got a special surprise that made him do a little dance and made our hearts sing.

A video went viral of a boy, named as Mikey on Facebook, who got to try on his new prosthetic leg with Black Panther artwork all over it, reports Blavity. Obviously, Mikey was a big Marvel Black Panther fan because when he saw the prosthetic leg, he was overcome with black boy joy.

Mikey’s reaction was priceless as he did a little jig and spinned off his chair excitedly. Thanks to tattoo artist Milton Purnell, the boy’s prosthetic leg got an epic makeover that really made his day.

The heartfelt video has gone viral because truly Purnell is his little brother’s keeper. Whatta’ mighty good man!

That’s the stuff that black boy magic is made of!

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